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The AF Interview with Master Sheng-Yao

Distinguished Art Founders Artist Master Sheng-Yao’s (Master Shen-Long; Chan Sheng-Yao; 詹聖堯) philosophy, theories and artistic creations offer a new perspective on art, and on life itself.  He is a master of the classical literati perfections of painting, poetry and calligraphy. He demonstrates full possession, knowledge, control and execution of these traditional Chinese skills, displaying an endless array of techniques while maintaining his own unique and innovative style.  As a talented multidisciplinary artist, he works in a variety of styles and mediums, including watercolor, oil painting, sculpture and photography.

He is a Buddhist master and a true visionary; his vast, innate and thorough wisdom of the classical philosophical schools of Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism, as well as his creation and full articulation of his own philosophy of “enlightenment power,” is rarely found today. He coined the term “enlightenment power” to describe the pure original life quality of all living creatures to create their universe, and the natural power of creativity itself.  For Master Sheng-Yao, all human beings possess this creative ability, as it is based largely upon one’s sincere cultivation of the mind. He is the first artist to combine the theory of enlightenment power with artistic creation, thus redefining and creating a new style of artistic expression. Master Sheng-Yao’s philosophy, combined with his incredible ground-breaking artwork, pioneers a new artistic and creative perspective that is of significant contribution to this world.

Recently, Art Founders sat down to talk with Master Sheng-Yao to talk about his philosophy and the meanings behind his art.



If you would like to see more, his entire interview is available on DVD entitled Up Close with Master Sheng-Yao (2012).  This DVD features an in-depth interview with Master Sheng-Yao, accompanied with images of never before seen artworks and dynamic behind-the-scenes footage of the artist at work in his studio.

For more information about the artist and his artwork, please contact us here or send your inquiry to:



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