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CJ Hungerman, cosmo robotica reaper madness, 2012. Mixed media, 45” x 60” © CJ Hungerman



–Chicago, IL–


About the Artist:

Hailing from the steel town of Pittsburgh PA, CJ completed a Bachelor of Science degree in graphic design from West Liberty State College, West Liberty, West Virginia and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from West Virginia University.  He then continued on to Northern Illinois University for graduate school, majoring in painting.  He was taught under the direction of Gordon Dorn, Josh Kind, and Ben Mahmoud.  Upon completion of his graduate degree, CJ was an instructor at the Illinois Institute of Art, Wabounsee Community College, and Sauk Valley Community College.  He also was a Chicago designer for Nomadic Display.  Currently CJ spends his time creating art and showing two dimensional and installation work in Chicago and throughout the United States.

“I find that when creating my images, even though they have a whimsical feel to them, they do reflect conflict.  All of our lives have struggles internally and externally.  I believe that the Random Robots represent my personal pitfalls, conflicts, successes, all running around like little protons, neutrons, and electrons smashing together throughout ourselves, space, and time.”

CJ Hungerman


CJ Hungerman, cosmo robotica battle of franklinville, 2011. Mixed media, 40” x 54”. © CJ Hungerman


CJ Hungerman, cosmo robotica recon bots, 2011. Mixed media, 20” x 60”. © CJ Hungerman

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